Makino- I didn’t tell you what was important.

Domyouji- Something Important?

Makino- Thank you! You always believed in me. You were thoughtful of me. I’m truly greatful. [Takes out necklace] Thank you for this, too.

Domyouji [while putting on the necklace]- I’ll come back when I become more awesome as a man. Even if you beg me or tell me you can’t live without me I think it will make you stronger. But, even now, even in the future, even way in the future, you’ll always be the only girl I’ll ever approve of. I’m going to be with you, Makino. I know you’re happy.

Makino- No way…

Domyouji:You liar. You’re in love me with me.

Makino:I AM in love with you. You’re stupid, slefish, and self-centered. I’ve fallen in love with… [Hugs her out of the no where and gives her a kiss :)]

Hana Yori Dango Season 1 Episode 9 [Last part]

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