I think I’m the one who can make you happy.

Hanazawa Ruis Selfish Words To Makino.

The woman we wanted to dance our final dance of high school with.. we all agreed that it would be you, Makino.

Hanazawa Rui (Hana Yori Dango, Chapter 241)
Poor Rui he heard the whole convo :(

In english…

Well this song in spanish goes well for the relationship between Rui and Makino. The song talks about a girl telling a guy that she isnt in love with him but with the other guy. She says that she cant do anything cuz she is in love and its not up to her to be in love with the other guy. It is a really good song and it really does go.

In spanish….

Esta canción va re bien con este vídeo y con la relación de Makino Y de Rui.

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