AWWWW!!! I love this scene

Hana Yori Dango Ep. 5

I love this episode yet I also hate it.

Sakurako is at her end. She decides to play with Domyoji and for that she needs Makino. Makino goes to the school thinking that sakurako wanted to apologize and make everything right. This is not the case. Sakurako calls Domyoji and tells hint o go to her alone or he won’t be able to protect Makino. Since he is in love with Makino he goes even after the other F4 warn him not to go alone.

When he gets to the school Makino is all tied up and he apologizes to her. Mad sakurako tells him that if he defends himself Makino is gonna get hurt.
Not wanting Makino to see Domyoji tells her to close her eyes but she opens them after she hears Domyoji eating punch. Worried she tells him to defend himself but he doesn’t. After the first beating Domyoji says that that didn’t hurt so he gets beaten more. After a while the punchers get tired and she goes on a rant of how she got surgery to look pretty then when he is about to hit Domyoji for the last time Makino gets in the way. Frustrated Sakurako leaves. Then Domyoji wakes up and and concedes his love and she just gets happy.

At the end the 3 mean girls try to be mean to Sakurako but Makino saves her because Sakurako had said that Makinos mon Onigiri was good.

After Sakurako leaves Domyoji gets happy and hugs Makino an that’s when she realizes that his arm is not broken anymore… Then while they’re playing Hanazawa Rui comes back from his trip to france… Boy is Makino surprised.

That’s how it ends and I am totally in love with this episode . It’s one of my favorites next to the episode where Makino punches Domyoji(season 1 ep. 3?) and the episode where Makino tries to leave Domyoji because of his mother(season 1 ep 9?)

Oh how I love HYD

Iiiitttssss…. cccooolllddd..

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